This is mostly a compilation album. There are two previously unrecorded songs on this album: Gandhi/Buddha and Walk Around Downtown. The others are from her previous albums.

This isn't really a "Best Of" album. It was put together by Tony Gottlieb, Cheryl's manager. It is essentially Tony's favorite ballads.

The purpose of this album is to introduce Cheryl to a wider audience. An infomercial has been put together by mixing Cheryl's video What Do I Care? I Don't Have Any Kids Construction Company with offers for this album. In addition, the CD has some software such that you can access and download actual sheet music from Cheryl. (This is the legendary songbook that we have been hearing about.) That was a joke :^)

The album was originally available only through the infomercial. It was released on Jan 28, 2003.

Somebody on the list wondered about one of the liner notes: "I owe it all to LUCKY (LVWTBCO)" Cheryl replied with the following:

Lucky is one of the cats of my good friends Kerrin and Patty who live in Petaluma. We (Kerrin and Patty and I) have been friends for close to 30 years and we always make up ridiculous little songs that we sing together. The line in question is from a song about Lucky. LVWTBCO = "Little Viceroy With The Black Coat On". Kerrin always says she can't believe I've never mentioned Lucky on a record, so, I did.

Artist Wheeler, Cheryl
Title Different Stripes
Date 2003
Label Rounder
Cat # 116711 217
Track Title Time Artist
1 Northern Girl 3:44
2 Arrow 4:19
3 Walk Around Downtown 4:02
4 Moonlight and Roses 3:20
5 Gandhi/Buddha 3:33
6 When Fall Comes to New England 3:13
7 Quarter Moon 4:20
8 Aces 3:42
9 Hard Line to Draw 3:25
10 Almost 3:24
11 Addicted 5:14
12 So Far to Fall 3:56
13 Don't Wanna 3:41
14 Miss You More Than I'm Mad 2:40
15 Sylvia Hotel 3:20
16 Who Am I Foolin'? 3:50
17 75 Septembers 4:04
18 Further and Further Away 4:53
19 One Love 4:37