This song was a breakthrough in several ways. It was the first "happy" love song since her breakup. It was also the first song where she also wrote a parody at the same time. It might someday replace Arrow as her most covered song. Here is a live recording of the song on YouTube.

The song states that Cheryl musta been Gandhi or Buddha or something great to have someone as good as Cathleen. The parody (Cathleen's version) states that she musta done something really bad to get stuck with Cheryl. The regular song is absolutely great. It has a nice sound, and the lyrics are very uplifting. The parody is very funny as well. Here is a live version of the parody from YouTube.

Cheryl told me that the working title to this song was "Musta Been", but when she thinks of it, she normally thinks of "Gandhi/Buddha". So, for a long time, this song was listed as "Musta Been", and that was how it was refered to on her mailing list. During the summer of 2001, Cheryl told me that she was sticking with Gandhi/Buddha, and when Different Stripe came out, the issue was settled.