The song was written to celebrate her cat Penrod's fifteenth birthday on April 7, 2002. Cheryl was working in Eugene, Oregon, and called home to tell Cathleen about Penrod's birthday. Cathleen replied something like: "So that explains the party in the backyard." That got Cheryl's mind going. That was a joke :^)

Susan Krauss, a member of Cheryl's e-mail list, heard the song and transcribed as much of the lyrics as she could. Cheryl said it was pretty close, and so she touched up what Susan had written.

Penrod died before the album was released. Cathleen, Cheryl's spouse, has a custom of cremating their pets. Cheryl decided to use Penrod's ashes as a percussion instrument during the recording of this song on her album Pointing At the Sun. If you look at the liner notes, the drummer is credited with playing the "catash". That was a joke :^)

There is a cute animated video of the song by the same person who did the video for Potato, which got over half a million hits on YouTube.