This is the third song in what Shelly Brisbin calls Cheryl's Penrod Trilogy. It was originally titled "I Was a White Cat Once", but then was shortened to "White Cat" when her album Pointing at the Sun came out.

This song is a fantasy about how Penrod viewed "his staff" who were there to serve him, the center of the universe. Anyone who has had pets, especially cats, can probably relate to this song. That was a joke :^)

One of the "Notes from the Road" stories talks about when she was writing this song.

March 19, 2003

Today I had a day off in Portland, Oregon, really a fabulous town. I was walking around, working on a Penrod song, and I needed to be sure how to pronounce "Feng Shui" (happily for me it's as I thought, Fung Schway) and make sure it made sense where I wanted to use it.

I was walking by a bus stop when I decided I needed a bookstore. I asked this guy who looked like a reader to me and he sent me to what he said was the biggest bookstore in the country, Powell's City of Books. It was just a few blocks away.

Talk about died and went to heaven, it was HUGE, when you walk in you can pick up a map ... of the store ... and you'll need one. I found the info I needed, (the staff at the info desk was outstanding) as well as a used hardback copy of a book called "Duncton Wood" which I'd been told, in prior attempts, I'd have to order from England, on line. They have new and used books together on the shelves. I also bought a new paperback in a fantasy series I'm reading.

If I lived here I can't imagine how much time I'd spend in Powell's. I'll probably go again tomorrow. The gig here is tomorrow night. I'll be doing a lot of reading till then.


Apparently, Penrod wasn't your typical cat. Unlike most other cats, he groomed himself once or twice a year. That was a joke :^)