One summer almost everyone Cheryl knew came to visit her. And they brought their kids. This funny song describes that wonderful time. Contrary to the way she pretends she doesn't like kids, I happen to know that she thinks they're great. That was a joke :^) Here is a live performance of Cheryl performing Little Kids on YouTube.

I heard this song during my first Cheryl concert, and it totally blew me away. I had only heard two songs: Half a Book, and I Know This Town. Both of these songs were thoughtful and sensitive songs about growing up, so I was ready for a very serious concert. When Cheryl sang this song, I realized that I wanted to hear more from her.

I kept asking her to record this song, and she kept deciding not to. I don't know if I finally wore her down, or if things just worked out so that she started playing it again. I am glad that she did. It is a great song.