This is a hilarious song about her trips to the Winnepeg Folk Festival. It was raining the entire time, and she wasn't in a good mood to begin with. There was a session where the audience was supposed to pick topics for songs, and they were supposed to write one.

A number of the people in the audience didn't understand what they were supposed to do. For example, the first entry was "Anything by Arlo Guthrie". Others in the audience came up with really wierd topics. For example, one of the entries was Cow Patterned Clothes. Cheryl was in a bad enough mood to actually attempt to write such a song. This is the result.

The funny followup to this story is that when it came time for the "Songwriters Sweatshop Results" session, Cheryl went first, and with no introduction, sang this song. Then she looked around and noticed that virtually nobody from the first session was there for the second session. The audience had no idea why Cheryl would write such a song.

Not to sound too much like Paul Harvey, but check out Christine Lavin Could Do It for the rest of the story.