By far her most asked for song, and as you can see, her most recorded. The version on Legacy 2 is the same as Circles and Arrows. All the others are different.

The story about the song is almost as good as the song itself. Cheryl got up in the middle of the night and wrote most of the song in one sitting. And it was almost never recorded. Cheryl was putting together a tape of songs to be considered for her first album. Her friend Patsy kept telling her she should add this one, but Cheryl didn't think it would work. Finally, she added it to the tape just to prove to Patsy that it wasn't that good of a song. Fortunately, it made it on to the album.

The version on Circles and Arrows is a "seriously remixed" variation of the version on Cheryl Wheeler, including Mark O'Conner's beautiful violin. A live version of Arrow can be found on YouTube.



Song Clips

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The song Arrow appears on the following 14 albums:

Ben & Jerry's Newport Folk Festival~Turn of the Decade
by Various
Circles & Arrows
by Wheeler, Cheryl
Cheryl Wheeler
by Wheeler, Cheryl
by Anderson, D.C.
Ten Great Years at Kerrville Folk Festival
by Various
Ten Great Years at Kerrville Folk Festival
by Various
by Bird, Laura
Legacy II
by Various
Freedom Knows My Name
by Melanie
Rick Bancroft
by Bancroft, Rick
Where in the World
by Sylvia
A Canary's Song
by Smith Sisters, The
Different Stripe
by Wheeler, Cheryl
What Do I Care I Don't Have Any Kids Construction Company
by Wheeler, Cheryl

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