Cheryl Wheeler Schedule

Cheryl's schedule is available in several ways from several sources. Essentially, you want to use either Musi-Cal or her booking agency.

Cheryl's Booking Agency
The schedule from her booking agency has the most recent information. However, it won't have the additional information that Musi-Cal has.
Musi-Cal Web Site
The Musi-Cal concert database has the most complete information. It may include opening acts, URL of venue web pages, comments, etc. However, it might be missing some of the most recently booked shows.
If you aren't familiar with Musi-Cal, visit their home page. They have great searching capabilities. Musi-Cal also has an e-mail interface which you can use to have concert schedules mailed to you on a regular basis.

I get Cheryl's schedule from her booking agency, which I store into a database on my home computer. I also obtain additional information from various sources such as promoters, venues, etc. This additional information is merged into my database. I use all this information to maintain her schedule in Musi-Cal. This schedule is usually updated at least every week from the information her agent sends me.

So, you should probably use Musi-Cal since it will have more information. If, however, I am very busy and haven't had time to update Musi-Cal (I work two jobs and am active at church), then her booking agent may have some newly-booked concerts that Musi-Cal doesn't have yet.

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