The Bank

This is a song about Cheryl's experience when she refinanced her mortgage. She was amazed at the difference between the smiling faces in the commercials and the actual people who work on your mortgage.

Cheryl often dedicates this song to Fleet Mortgage, the people who handled her mortgage. At one folk festival, she dedicated the song as usual, and somebody noticed that Fleet Mortgage was one of the sponsors of the festival.

Early in 2001, Cheryl played at a concert where Compass Bank was one of the sponsors. When introducing this song, Cheryl made some comment about the fact that Compass was sponsoring the festival, and that she was sure that it wasn't like the bank in this song. Nevertheless, the bank was very upset and contacted Cheryl's booking agent. Cheryl was wondering what they wanted the agency to do, once the show was over. She suggested maybe she would write a song for Compass. Something like "this bank is better than the airline" or something. That was a joke :^) Cheryl now sometimes dedicates the performance of this song to both Fleet and Compass banks.



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The song Bank, The appears on the following album:

Sylvia Hotel
by Wheeler, Cheryl

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