This song was inspired by a converstion with her sister who was trying to decide if she should stay in a relationship.

The man comes by less and less, but the woman doesn't want to call it off. At first, things were great, but now things are getting worse. The woman thinks she's addicted to a real bad thing. She wants to call it off, but she can't.

Dan Seals recorded this song and it hit #1 on the Country Music Charts. Not bad for her first album. That was a joke :^)

The Dan Seals' version is missing the last verse of the song. Here is what Cheryl had to say about why that happened:

I doubt that was Dan's call, I think it was Kyle Lehning's and I think it was a good one.

When I was writing that last verse, I remember feeling it was making the song too long, but it was a very emotional song for me, about my sister, and I cared more about saying what I felt and what I thought she felt than doing what might have better served the song.

When I heard Dan had recorded it, and especially that it was going to be a single, I expected a verse would be cut out.

Kyle is a great producer with excellent instincts for radio and hit records. He produced lots and lots of hit records with: England Dan and John Ford Coley, Dan Seals, Randy Travis, Baily and the Boys and many others I'm not remembering. Happily for me, "Addicted" actually went to #1 and I doubt that it would have if that last verse had been there.



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by Wheeler, Cheryl
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