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This page contains a list of the songs that Cheryl has been doing recently in her concerts. If you are new to Cheryl, or heard a song that you didn't recognize, this page might help you find out about a particular song. You can go to the Song Page for that song by clicking on the song name.

Since Cheryl takes request from the audience, there will still be songs that aren't on this list. Also, Cheryl will sometimes start singing a song she hasn't done for a long time, but I don't tend to add it to this list until she starts singing it on a regular basis.

If you can't find the song you are looking for here, try the Search Lyrics or the Song Types pages. If all else fails, then send e-mail to, and I will try to help you out.

A song about a desk manager after a concert. Contains the line:
"The more I travel / The more I want to see"
All the Live Long Day
This song deals with Cheryl adjusting to being alone after her recent breakup.
This song is her most requested and most recorded song. It is a song about lost love, and contains the phrase "in the TV light". (If you've heard the song, that's the phrase that will stick in your mind.) That was a joke :^)
The Bank
Dedicated to Fleet Mortgage, who handled Cheryl's most recent mortgage. That was a joke :^)
A song Cheryl wrote for her sister after their father died. It talks about what a great life they had growing up, and mentions a hymn they used to sing.
Driving Home
She starts most shows with this song.
Dubya Dubya
This is a rant about George W. Bush done to the tune of "Louie Louie".
Estate Sale
A song about going through dead people's houses. That was a joke :^)
A funny song about Hurricane Floyd, that fizzled out by the time it got to her.
Further and Further Away
A song about how our memory fades as we get older.
Gandhi / Buddha
A song about how lucky Cheryl feels to have found Cathleen. She usually does the "counter" version of this song next.
Gray and Green
A song about overcast days in New England during the summer.
Handy House
About what you can and can't do in an outhouse. That was a joke :^)
Holding On
A song to a friend who was going through a rough time.
Howl at the Moon
A song about her dog James, or maybe herself.
If It Were Up to Me
A song about the Jonesboro shooting incident. Most lines start with "Maybe it's the ...".
It's the Phone
A hilarious song about Cell phones
Just Like God Now
A funny commentary about the recent advances in cloning.
Little Lonely Thing
A song about a lonely feeling that Cheryl got one morning in a hotel room.
Little Road
This is a beautiful song about driving through the woods of Vermont and enjoying the scenery, while listening to the horror on the news shortly after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11th.
Cheryl might call this song "Medicine" or "Praise the Lord and Life is Grand".
It is a song about depression
My Cat Accountant
Another funny song about Penrod. Apparently, he is an accountant that keeps sending them bills.
My Cat's Birthday
A funny song about Penrod's fifteenth birthday.
My Heart Still Wants You
This song is about thirty years old, and she and Kenny recently resurrected it.
Northern Girl
About being homesick
One Step at a Time
About recovering after feeling betrayed by your loved one
Pointing at the Sun
A song about science and the how plants follow the sun.
The chorus of The Mexican Hat Dance, using only the word "potato"
Praise the Lord and Life is Grand
This is a song about depression. (It is also called "Medicine.")
Rainy Road Into Atlanta
About the joys of her profession.
75 Septembers
Written for your father's 75th birthday.
Summer's Almost Over
Cheryl wrote this shortly before Sept 11, 2001. It is a nice song about how great life has been for her.
Sylvia Hotel
A mellow song written while looking out over English Bay during the rain.
A song about making up after a fight.
A cute song about how Cheryl always thinks she should be doing something else.
Walk Around Downtown
A romantic song about walking around downtown with her sweetie.
You Know You Will
A song about the changes in a relationship. This song came very quickly to Cheryl.
Your God
A rant about the religious fanatics and religious intolerance.

If you heard a song you can't find on this page, You might want to look through the songs page, especially the page organized by song types. If you still can't find what you are looking for, let me know and I will try to help you.

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