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Kunc Colorado votes Cheryl's CD #1 Singer/Songwriter (13 Jan 2010)
NPR Radio stationi KUNC in Northern Colorado held a contest where listeners voted for the best album in various categories. Cheryl's Album Pointing at the Sun won in the Singer/Songwriter division.
For the complete list, visit:
Album review for Pointing at the Sun (15 Dec 2009)
Chery'ls CD Pointing at the Sun received 3.5 stars out of 5 in the January 2010 issue of the UK magazine Maverick, which is available at news stands.
For more information on the magazine, see
Wrong CD in some PATS digipacks (7 Dec 2009)
There may be a manufacturing defect on a few of Cheryl Wheeler Pointing at The Sun's CD digipaks. Some were assembled with the wrong CD wrapped inside.
There were only a few of these, and we think that we have caught the problem ones before they were distributed. If, however, you find the wrong CD in an album you recently purchased, send the defective CDs to:
Tony Gottlieb
PO Box 1770
Hendersonville, TN 37077
A Note from Cheryl about her Guitars (6 September 2009)
A fan sent me a long letter to Cheryl asking a number of details about her guitars. She told me I can add her response to the site, so here it is.
I have lots of guitars, but for those I use most often, I find I use different strings for each.
My main guitar is a Collings C-10, it's a small body guitar that I utterly adore. This particular one is koa back and sides, spruce top. (Like you I find dreadnaughts to be way too big.) On the Collings I use DR Sunbeam Round Core strings, (medium I guess, 54,42,32,24,16,12). I LOVE these strings on this guitar. For most wrapped strings, the wrapping is around a hex core. The folks at DR tell me the round core gives the string a deeper tone and I'd have to say they're right. Your triple 0 might sound good with them if you are looking for more depth from it.
I use different strings on both of my 2 Olsons. On one I use DR RARE phospher bronze mediums. Same gauges as the round core set but DR was kind enough to make up custom sets for me with a 13 and 17 at the top. I think I prefered that at least partly because I was accustomed to the John Pearse mediums I'd been using before a guy at that great guitar store, Woodsongs in Boulder, CO, recommended DRs on what was, at that time, my new Olson. I didn't like the feel of the 12 and 16 on my fretting hand. On what is now my newest Olson I like Elixer nanoweb 80/20 Bronze, lights(53,42,32,24,16,12).
For pickups I use the old, original, Baggs saddle pickup. it's a passive (as opposed to active) pickup. No battery or paraphernalia of any kind inside the guitar. The saddle is the pickup. I love these pickups but I know plenty of people who swear by their Fishmans or whatever they're using. There are lots of good options. It is VERY important that you have a good guitar person install whatever pickup you choose.
As far as the guitar sound on my records, well of course everything matters, including I think, how you touch and hold the guitar. But in a recording environment it is the engineer and what mikes and other recording components he uses that determines the guitar sound. Though most engineers do take a direct signal (from your plugged in guitar) they mostly rely on mikes.
If you can't get used to finger picks, don't try to. I can't get used to a flat pick. Such is life. I am a big believer in the path of least resistance and really do believe that your tendency is your gift.
All I did to "make" a Catash, was open the box in which Penrod's ashes had been returned to us, lift out the little (but very thick) plastic bag that was in there and shake it.
Cheryl, Dan Seals, and Addicted (22 June 2009)
Bernman sent me a link to this blog article by a person who claimed to know both Dan Seals and Cheryl. It includes a YouTube link of Cheryl and Dan singing "Addicted" from the TV Show American Music Shop.
Dirty Linen Article about Cheryl's New Album and Record Label (9 June 2009)
The Bern Man posted a note to Cheryl's e-mail list that Dirty Linen has an article about Cheryl, her new album, and her new record label.
Cheryl's "Estate Sale" declared the new Retro Renovation anthem (27 May 2009)
The web site Retro Renovation has declared Cherl's song Estate Sale as the site's anthem. See
Kenny Loggins Records Gandhi/Buddhi (1 May 2009)
Kenny Loggins has recorded Cheryl's song " Gandhi / Buddah" for his new Disney project release titled "All Join In" set for July 2009.
Cheryl Releases her CD Independently (April 2009)
Cheryl released her album Pointing at the Sun on her own label, Dias Music. The album contains many of the newer songs she had been performing in the time leading up to its release.
Cheryl Mentioned in "Ask Billboard" column (6 Feb 2009)
Cheryl Wheeler is mentioned in the Feb 6, 2009 "Ask Billboard" column of the online Billboard Magazine. A fan wrote in asking for her best selling albums and best set.
The article can be found at: You might have to use the link for recent articles.
Cheryl's 2009 Album (9 Jan 2009)
Shelly posted some information about the new album on her CWList:
Thought I would pass along a few tidbits about Cheryl's forthcoming album. At the moment, she's thinking of calling it _Pointing at the Sun_. `Cheryl says the following about the album:
"My new record is nearly done, a few mixes need work. I've recorded 7 songs with Ben Wisch in NYC (Holding On, Pointing at the Sun, One Step at a Time, Gray and Green, You Know You Will, Praise the Lord and Life is Grand, Underbrush) and the 3 cat songs (Cat's Birthday, Cat Accountant and White Cat) with Kenny White in Boston."
I'm also told that Cat's Birthday has a rather unusual shaker in the mix. "(The) shaker that comes in at the top of Cat's Birthday IS Penrod's ashes. I'm crediting the drummer who played it with playing drums and catash."
I'm really looking forward to this album, as I'm sure all of you are. I'm feeling good about the cat trilogy being reproduced intact. And so is my 20-year old cat accountant.
Cheryl at #2 (Behind Dylan) (Nov 2008)
Each year WUMB does a poll of the top folk singers, and each year Cheryl appears at or near the top of the list. This year, Bob Dylan was at #1, with Cheryl in the #2 position. This is the same arrangement as last year.
Cheryl Quoted in Magazine Article (October 2008)
In a "Road Trips" story by Ric Hawthorne, Cheryl's "75 Septembers" is quoted. The article is called Road Trips: On Vacation 50 Years Ago - Round Trip from Chicago to the Grand Canyon and it appears in a Suburu magazine. See
Cheryl's Song used for Nature Video (7 October 2008)
Boston's Channel 5 (ABC) aired a video of fall foilage on their show Chronicle. The background music was Cheryl's When Fall Comes To New England. I didn't see this show, but it must of been quite good. I got several e-mail messages about the show, and the visitors to her site jumped by about 50% after the show.
New Album in the Works (September 2008)
Cheryl will begin work on a new album in October 2008. No details yet, but it will probably be six months to a year before the album is available.
Cheryl comes in #2 (After Dylan) at WUMB (18 Nov 2007)
Cheryl finished in the #2 slot (behind Bob Dylan) in the 2007 members survey for favorite performer of the last 25 years.
See the WUMB web site. for more details.
Article on Cheryl in Home Power magazine (21 Sep 2007)
The Oct/Nov 2007 issue (#121) of Home Power magazine has an article on page 54 about Cheryl's swimming pool. It is being heated with solar heat, which also generates about 4KW of power. The article has a small picture of Cheryl and Cathleen standing in front of their solar panels.
The URL for the magazine is at
Driving Home Sent Into Space (26 Feb 2007)
Cheryl was interviewed on "Planetary Radio", where she talked about how a CD of Driving Home was taken into space.
You can listen to the podcast here.
XM15 The Village is proud to present Cheryl Wheeler (Feb 2007)
  • Thursday Feb 22, 4 PM ET, 1 PM Pacific
  • Monday Feb 26, 4 AM ET, 1 AM Pacific
  • Monday Feb 26, 10 PM ET, 7 PM Pacific
  • Wednesday Feb 28, 10 AM ET, 7 AM
For more information, visit
Cheryl Sitting During Shows (Nov 2006)
Cheryl has started sitting during her shows. She says that her knees are sore from having stood through so many shows. She is just as funny as always, of course.
Cheryl's New Swimming Pool (Sep 2006)
Cheryl recently had a swimming pool installed at her home. I don't want to spoil any of her act, but rumors are the stories she tells about the pool are hilarious!
NashBash Celebrates CWList 10th Anniversary (25 March 2006)
On 25 March 2006, members of Cheryl's e-mail list, run by Shelly Brisbin assembled in Nashville, TN to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the list. Cheryl performed at the Belcourt. The show was originally planned for the Bluebird Cafe, but ticket sales quickly made a larger venue necessary. Kenny White opened for her as well as played with her during her set. The first few rows were reserved for members of the list. The person who travelled the furthest came from Australia.
After the show, Cheryl's manager held a meet and greet near the stage area. Cheryl joined in the festivities and spent a lot of time talking to her fans.
As some of you know, Cheryl is an avid reader. She mentioned during the show that she was reading Hairstyles of the Damned by Joe Meno which she loved. The day after the NashBash some list members stopped at a local bookstore for a copy of the book only to find out it sold out earlier that day. The store commented on how quickly the book had sold that day.
Cheryl is now Married (27 May 2004)
Since Cheryl lives in Massachusetts, she and Cathleen were able to get married. Cheryl's sister flew up for the ceremony.
When talking about the experience during her shows, Cheryl has mentioned that they are both surprised how different they feel now that they are married. They had assumed it wouldn't make that much difference (other than legal issues), but have come to find out that being married really does make a difference.
Acoustic Guitar Article on Cheryl's Guitars (October 1999 Issue)
Acoustic Guitar article on Cheryl's guitars (at the time).
Cheryl has used various guitars at her shows. What she uses depends somewhat on whether she drives or flies to the venue. She doesn't like to take certain guitars on airplanes, since they have to go into the baggage area.

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