Voices in the Wind – Suzy Bogguss

Another album by Suzy Bogguss containing another cover of Cheryl's song. I am hoping that this trend will continue for some time. That was a joke :^)


Album Tracks

ArtistBogguss, Suzy
TitleVoices in the Wind
Cat #CDP 0777-7-98585
1 Heartache 3:12 
2 Drive South 3:07 
3 Don't Wanna 3:28 
4 How Come You Go the Her 3:20 
5 Other Side of the Hill 3:24 
6 In the Day 3:40 
7 Love Goes Without Saying 3:14 
8 Eat At Joe's 3:37 
9 Lovin' a Hurricane 2:54 
10 Letting Go 4:31 
11 Cold Day in July 3:34 

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